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Fees Policy

Sellers will be charged for using the AustraliaMart platform. The Fees & Charges Policy explains your fees, charges, taxes and how to pay them.

Types of Fees
Sellers selling on may be required to pay the following types of fees:
  • Listing Fees:
  • A listing fees of AUD $0.50 (50 cents) for each item listed by you for sale on The listing fees will be only be charged at the time of creating a new listing and re-listing a product, we do not charge any fees for editing a listing. The listing fees will appear on your AustraliaMart tax invoice and will be a nonrefundable fees.
  • Commission on Sales:
  • When you make a sale through AustraliaMart, you will be charged a 10% commission on sale proceeds. See the Taxes section below for more information about whether or not you are required to include applicable taxes in your listing prices.
  • Advertising Fees:
  • If you purchase a banner advertisement on AustraliaMart, seperate advertising fees will be charged. Advertising fees will depend upon the advertisement type and the current advertising rates at the time of booking.
  • Shipping Fees:
  • The Sellers are free to charge the shipping fee as per the service provider they use for the shipping

Fee Avoidance
In case of any action by the seller to avoid the fees will be considered as the fee avoidance and will be treated strictly by AustraliaMart.

Paying Your Commission and Other Fees
  • Paying Your Commission:
  • AustraliaMart uses PayPal adaptive technology for all the payment processing for the sales happening on our website. PayPal adaptive helps in deducting the 10% commission amount and depositing the 90% of the amount in your PayPal account instantly. This means we don't withhold any of your money and you get paid your hard earned money instantly.
  • Paying Your Listing Fees:
  • At the starting of each month, an Invoice will be generated for the total listing fees for the number of products listed during the previous month. You will be required to pay your bill within 10 days of the date of invoice. You will pay the invoice directly from your PayPal account to AustraliaMart PayPal account. No other mode of payment will be excepted.
  • Paying Your Taxes:
  • Seller will be responsible for paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through AsutraliaMart. You have the option to show the product price as inclusive of taxes or amount of taxes separately.

Please be advised that AustraliaMart fees do not include any withholding taxes that might apply in your home state. You should pay the fees and amount on your invoice in full without deducting any withholding taxes or charges unless otherwise specified.