6 Tier Clothes Hanger

6-tier Clothes Hanger

No more complaints about not having enough hanger space to dry your washing. Our lightweight and durable stainless steel 6-tier Clothes Hanger has plenty of space for more than just clothes.

Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, the Clothes Hanger has a 3-tier clothes drying rack with double sided wings with an additional 2-tier hanging wings for bags and other accessories. The four castor wheels makes it easy to move the hanger around and you can lock the unit down with the two lockable castors to keep it steady, even in windy conditions.

The entire unit is well-constructed and has a weight capacity of 35kg, which means it can handle quite a bit of washing. And when the drying?? done, just fold and store it away until the next use.

* Outdoor or indoor use
* Rust-resistant
* Stainless steel and PP construction
* 3-tier clothes drying rack with double sided wings
* Lightweight
* Four rolling castors with two lockable
* Two additional hanging wings
* Foldable design
* Assembly required

* Material: Stainless Steel and PP
* Maximum load: 35kg
* Colour: White & Blue
* Overall dimension: 76 x 63 x 179cm

Package Contents
1 x Clothes Drying Rack
2 x Hanging Wing
1 x Assembly instruction