Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

Commercial Ice Maker has a unique self-cleaning and sterilization system, a snazzy built-in blue lighting and offers dual safety protection (power overload and water shortage) when the water is empty or ice tray is full.

Every operation is easily managed through a smart LED screen control panel to keep you in touch with every aspect of the ice-making process. And to ensure that the Ice Maker remains steady throughout its operations, there are four adjustable non-slip legs for better support. Not least, the quite compressor has excellent heat dissipation to keep it working efficiently with up to 40% in energy savings.

* Commercial ice maker
* Stainless steel casing
* Freestanding application
* 50kg of ice in 24hrs
* 24 ice cubes per cycle
* 9 - 12 minutes rapid ice making
* Crystalline bullet-shape ice cubes
* Intelligent LED screen
* Built-in blue light
* Dual safety protection
* Adjustable non-slip legs
* 40% energy saving
* Excellent heat dissipation
* Quiet operation
* Easy to clean
* SAA-certified

* Casing: Stainless steel
* AC Voltage: 220-240V/ 50Hz
* Motor: 380W
* Refrigerant: R134a
* Ice making capacity: 50kg/ 24 hours
* Ice storage capacity: 7kg
* Cubes: 24 per cycle
* Power overload protection: Yes
* Water shortage protection: Yes

Package Content
1 x Glacio Commercial Ice Maker
1 x Ice Scoop
1 x Water Inlet Tube
1 x Water Drainage Pipe
1 x User Mnaual